11 Mar 2019, 10:42 am


You’re in the pub with a friend and you order food separately at the bar with two different servers. Your friend’s meal arrives at the same time as yours and you’ve ordered the same thing. Then, your friend’s sides of onion rings, halloumi fries and Jack Daniels sauce are brought over by the waitress.

“What! I didn’t know they did that!” you cry. “Why haven’t I got any?”

The waitress coldly looks at you and says “You were served by Simon, he doesn’t like to ask if you’d like the other things on offer, he thinks it’s rude and feels shy”

Sales is simply giving great service, and it is our duty and responsibility to help people make what-ever is the best decision for them (even if at first, they’re not sure), be informed of what is available and make it all a great experience.

Making a sales call is simply helping people choose their sides – coleslaw? Onion rings? If what you have is of genuine benefit to them be bold, proud and excited to tell everyone you can. Help everyone make a great decision. You’re not being rude or pushy and if you ‘don’t like to ask’ or ‘can’t do sales’ come and join us at The Sales Dojo or the Telemarketing Takeover.


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Chris Dawson –