Andrew Gibson

“In business, and especially in sales, we are all told we need a Unique Selling Point.  We look inwards at what we do and try to be Unique, then we go out and Sell it to people.  Trouble is, no-one is genuinely Unique, and very few people like being Sold to.  So what do we do about finding our USP?


Andrew’s advice is to look outwards.  Look at your customers and clients.  What difference have you made for them?  If you are making a difference for a focused group of customers or clients, they will tell their networks about you.  You can be the Unique provider in that network, and they will Refer you to people like them.  You will help more people buy from you, and you will generate more word of mouth business.  In the process, you will remain true to your core values and principles.


Andrew calls this the Unique Referral Point.  In his Sensei talk he will take every Sales Dojo delegate through the process so they can find their own URP.


Andrew is an international coach, trainer, speaker and facilitator.  Applying his URP principles, he now trains people globally on using Zoom and applying it to deliver their business.  From zero to Global in six weeks.


His critically acclaimed book, “What’s Your URP?” was published last year, and has been recommended by the likes of Andy Bounds and Dr Ivan Misner.  See amazon for further details and to get your copy before he speaks at this Sales Dojo.  His second book is with his publishers and will be released very soon.”