Leon McCowan

Leon has worked in sales since the age of 14. Unfortunately, the tale isn’t a romantic one for his parents as this was selling cigarettes to fellow school children. He found a love and skill for sales and has been involved ever since, sadly for him that is now some 26 years and counting.


He has worked in the mobile telecoms industry for 20+ years developing a wealth of knowledge in this area and helping to build three companies which sold to the corporate networks for in excess of £10m. During this time he has recruited, coached, trained and developed over 1000 telesales, direct sales and indirect sales people helping to generate millions of pound of revenue, but more importantly helping those sales people and their families and loved ones to buy the holidays and shoes those bonus payments afforded them.


In 2017 Leon started The Sales Dojo and he likes nothing better than helping the next generation of business owners, sales people, business development managers and everyone in-between to sell more and earn more.