Peter Lawrence

Peter is a change management professional specialising in organisation design and development.

Peter shares a similar passion with Robert Greenleaf, author of Servant Leadership, in which he describes himself as being a “student of organisation, how things get done and a pursuer of wisdom.”

He worked as a change management professional within the UK Public Sector since 1995.

His roles included both operational and change management. As an operational manager he led a large processing organisation of over 1100 people through a time of significant challenge. During that period he was also portfolio change director introducing the practical application of a significant change in government policy.

As a change manager he was part of the working group that led the merger of the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise, identifying the working arrangements and cultural challenges of the newly formed H M Revenue & Customs.

In 2012 he developed an approach to Organisation Design that was accepted as industry standard for the UK Civil Service.

Up until April 2016 he was Deputy Director Organisation Design for HM Revenue & Customs. During this time, he led a team of design consultants providing consultancy support to both HMRC and a number of other Whitehall Departments including Defra, Department for Transport, Treasury Solicitors and Companies House. He also partnered the National School of Government International providing onsite support to the Cabinet Office of Zambia, to help them reshape their organisation.

He has hosted visits from a wide number of overseas delegations including Vietnam, Ghana, India and Ethiopia, providing advice and guidance on change management issues including practical support in respect of organisation design.

He is a Designated Civilian Expert within the Foreign and Commonwealth Stabilisation Unit, providing organisation design and development support to on site experts working across the world.

Recent organisation development and design consultancy projects include:

• Leading an organisation design programme within a highly sensitive UK government agency

• Mentoring organisation design professionals from a leading UK high street retailer

• Designing and delivering an organisation design and development capability programme for a large UK government agency.