What is the Telemarketing Takeover?

8 May 2019, 11:16 am

Lots of people are talking about The Telemarketing Takeover and how we’re generating sales, new skills and motivation for salespeople from across the UK. It’s also become clear there’s some confusion as to what The Telemarketing Takeover is all about. Here are some answers to the most common questions we get.


Do I have to make sales calls when I’m there?


Yes! In fact, if you don’t make calls – lots of them, the day will be long, boring, very awkward and kind of missing the point.


Can you explain simply how the day works?


Yes! You will sit in a team of approximately 8 people. The day is split into four sessions. Each session starts with a ten-minute sales training presentation to help you with your calls.


This is immediately followed by ‘everyone’ making sales calls for 40 minutes. We repeat this through the day until we’ve lots of meetings set, sales made, and skills improved.


What MUST I bring with me?


You really must bring your phone and charger, lots of numbers to call (printed data is best where possible), your laptop (there’s WiFi) and your magic sales pants.


I’m less than comfortable making calls, is there any support?


Firstly, well done for coming to the Telemarketing Takeover. Only 10% of sales professionals do anything to invest in themselves and their skills. There’s lots of support. During calling sessions we have amazing sales trainers who can sit with you, answer your questions and help you with calls. There are lots of people in the same boat as you and we’ve found the support in the room for each other is incredible! Everyone learns from each other, supports each other (and sometimes does business with each other!)


Can I win prizes while I’m there?


Yes! Throughout the day there is money can easily buy prizes to be won.


Is it all day?


Nearly – we start at 9am and finish by 3.00pm


Do I need to bring sandwiches?


Salespeople live off caffeine and we provide tea, coffee and pastries through the day. We take a break for lunch and as we’re in the centre of Liverpool there are lots of options for places to eat. If you want to bring a flask and butties, you’re welcome to stay in the room, grab a seat with us and have a chat.


Do I have to stay all day?


Well, it’s not a prison and you can leave whenever you wish. However, the point of the day is we are all there to support each other, create a great sales atmosphere and have some fun. You can’t do ‘a bit of sales’ and expect to get a result so it works best if you can stay until the end.


Do I have to be a member of Professional Liverpool?


No – they help us organise events and they’re awesome and we love them, but you don’t need to have any connection to them to get involved.


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